Best Women’s Golf Clubs For Beginners In 2022

Becoming the best golfer on the planet always starts with something small. Players like Tiger Woods and Nelly Korda, all started small as beginners. While many players start from an early age, golf is a diverse game and players can often shine at an older age. To start your journey, you need to understand what the best women’s golf clubs for beginners in 2022 are.

One of the main elements is understanding how clubs are made and how they fit your style. As a beginner, you might not have your own style, but you will gradually develop as you improve. Having the right gear can make an enormous difference in your progression. Some clubs are more forgiving and others require more skill.

To help you better understand golf and which clubs might suit you best, we have created this article. The main purpose is to help beginners figure out which clubs will be the best for their needs. Keep in mind that not all these clubs will fit your game. Experimenting is a great way to find the ideal club for your game.

Best Women’s Golf Clubs For Beginners

Before diving into some detailed information about club specifics, we thought it best to reveal some of the top set options on the market today. These golf clubs might not be the newest or most expensive, but they have a proven record of success, especially for beginners. Here are some of the best golf clubs for women on the market today:

Best Complete Set Of Women’s Golf Clubs: Callaway Women’s Strata Plus Complete Set

Considered a mid-level golf set in terms of price, the Callaway Women’s Strata Plus Complete Set contains around 14 golf clubs made from quality materials. The irons have a proven record of being reliable and offer an excellent feel at impact. It also comes with a high-quality bag to carry your gear around.

The set includes a high-lofted driver that should give you plenty of forgiveness as a beginner. The fairway wood is designed to promote faster swing speeds. However, the only downside is the fact that only one hybrid is included. However, some players prefer playing with the long irons over the newer hybrid clubs.

What We Like:

  • Reliable: The driver comes with a large 460cc head and an increased sweet spot. It also features a graphite shaft for durability and comfort.
  • Quality Stand Bag: As a player, it is also important that you have a good quality bag and this certainly qualifies as one.
  • Complete Set: Very rarely do you find a complete set of clubs, which do not need any extra. Here you have it.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • One Hybrid: It would have been much better to have a second hybrid. However, you can add a long iron (4-iron).

If you want to go one step up with a more expensive golf set, the Callaway Strata Ultimate Golf Club Set would be a good option.

Best Golf Clubs For Intermediate Players: Tour Edge Women’s Full Complete Set

Those willing to spend a few bucks extra might find the Tour Edge Women’s Full Complete Set one of the ideal options on the market today. While it also contains only ten clubs, the clubs are spaced out more evenly to accommodate most situations in the game. The only lacking feature is the lack of long irons.

The High-MOI mallet-style putter could make the putting game a bit easier for you and enable you to have some better performances on the green. They have added what is called deluxe bags for carrying your gear. It comes with a stand bag that will enable you to place your kit upright when playing golf.

What We Like:

  • Clubs: The well-thought-out club selection is perfect for accommodating almost every situation you encounter.
  • Forgiveness: Most clubs are designed to make them more forgiving and give you a larger sweet spot.
  • Easy To Add New Clubs: If you already have a decent selection of clubs, it becomes much easier to integrate newer clubs.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Lack Of Long Irons: While the hybrids could make up for this, you often need the long irons to ensure accuracy with approach shots.

Best Golf Clubs For High Handicappers: Wilson Profile SGI Golf Club Set

If you are looking for some of the lightest ladies’ golf clubs, you cannot go wrong with the Wilson Profile SGI Golf Club Set. Made with graphite shafts, it is specifically designed to help the player increase swing speed. Better swing speed leads to more distance, especially when you have mastered the perfect timing.

Having three woods added to the fray is important. It could help give you an elevated launch angle off the tee. Having an elevated launch angle off the fairway could promote better distance as well. The only downside is the golf bag, which lacks some functionality with only five opening slots at the top to insert your clubs.

What We Like:

  • Three Woods: Not many beginner sets give you three quality woods to improve your launch angle and get more distance.
  • Lightweight Clubs: You won’t be bogged down by heavy clubs and the lighter clubs will offer more swing speed.
  • Reliable Brand: Wilson is one of the brands you cannot go wrong with and they offer exceptional reliability.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Golf Bag: The golf bag might need to be replaced and only features 5 opening slots. These could make the bag feel crowded with too many clubs.

Best Beginner Golf Set: Wilson LUXE Golf Set

With Wilson being one of the most trusted brands in the industry, it is no secret that they make it onto our list. The Wilson LUXE Golf Set is one of the few golf sets that cater to both right and left-handed players. They are not ambidextrous, but you should be able to choose if you want to buy the left-or-right-handed golf clubs.

The main reason for including the brand has to do with the price. In terms of the price, beginners want to have something affordable that they can readily use. Fortunately, this complete set is helpful. The only downside is that you might need to slowly integrate more advanced clubs as you become a better player.

What We Like:

  • Affordable Brand: When buying new golf clubs, you don’t want to spend insane amounts of money. Wilson is a reliable and inexpensive brand.
  • Available For Left And Right-Handed Players: Whether you are a lefty or play right-handed, you can find the clubs you need.
  • Comfortable Golf Bag: The design of the golf bag makes it a comfortable option that can be attached to a pushcart.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • You Might Outgrow Them: One of the downsides to these clubs is that you might outgrow them and need to replace them rapidly.

Best Starter Golf Set For Women: Precise M5 Ladies Complete Golf Set

As a beginner, Precise might not be one of the brands that you have heard of. However, it is one of the more reliable brands and comes with ten golf clubs for beginners. A 460cc driver will not only allow you to learn some of the skills associated with driving but offer plenty of forgiveness. The Precise M5 Ladies Complete Golf Set are most comfortable for beginner golfers with a slower swing speed.

One of the additional features we like is the wide mallet putter. It comes with a soft insert, which also promotes some additional forgiveness in the shot. The only downside is that you are only left with 10 clubs. Unfortunately, you might need to add a few additional clubs if you want the most complete set possible.

What We Like:

  • Plenty Of Forgiveness: The one feature that certainly stands out is the forgiveness element. These clubs offer you plenty of forgiveness, especially the putter and driver.
  • Colorful: As a lady, you might want something that stands out from the crowd. With numerous great colors, this is the set you need.
  • Lightweight Golf Clubs: The use of graphite in the construction is an excellent edition for those that need durability and a lighter club.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not Complete: As much as the manufacturer wants you to think this is a complete set, it does not have everything you’ll need as you become a more advanced golfer.

Understanding The Different Golf Clubs You Need

As a beginner, you might not know which golf clubs you need, and buying a complete set will have you covered right? Unfortunately, this is not the case, and not all sets are complete. We have decided to look at each club in your golf set and add some suggestions to golf clubs you might want to buy individually to improve your set.


One of the most essential golf clubs to consider is the driver. The driver is the golf club that gives you the most distance and often has the biggest head. It offers an exceptional launch angle and should ensure you get around 230-yards. Unfortunately, it is not as effective when used on the fairway or rough. The Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max Driver is one of the newer models you should consider.


The wood is similar to the drive and often features an oversized head with a much longer shaft than some of the other clubs. The smaller head gives you a better launch angle when trying to get the ball to the green. It is often used for the second shot when playing on a par 5. The Ping G LE2 Women’s Fairway Wood is one of the most popular choices for many women.


The hybrid is one of the more modern clubs, only gaining recognition in the last couple of decades. It is the perfect mix between the fairway wood and the iron, making it more forgiving than either. Hybrid can be used to achieve distance and for the short game. The TaylorMade M4 Rescue Hybrid is one of the optimal clubs if you want forgiveness.


Irons are your most precious clubs according to many experts. The driver gets you on the fairway. However, it is often the irons that land you close to the tee. Irons vary in loft and length, so a long iron will give your more distance. Most golf sets have irons from the 6-iron to the 9-iron/SW/PW, but longer irons are available. A great, but expensive option for women looking to improve is the Ping GLe2 irons set. It includes a complete set that ranges from the 6-iron to the sand wedge.


To complete any game of golf, you will need to have a goof putter. The putter is the main tool used to hole the ball when you get onto the green. Most modern greens don’t allow edges due to the damage they do to the surface. Having a good putter will ensure you make more eloquent puts. As you improve your game, the Pinemeadow Golf White can be an attractive offer for the superior alignment aid it offers.

Golf Bag

Finally, all these clubs need to be carried in a good bag to keep them together. You want a comfortable golf bag that will be easy to use. There are also a few things to keep in mind like whether it can be attached to any cart. The Ping Hoofer Lite Stand Bag is one of the best options for beginners and comes with an effective stand.


The Best Golf Clubs For Beginners in 2022 are sure to make a big difference to your game. Once you have a complete set, you will notice how your game steadily improves, and your performance will also enhance. These are some of the best sets and individual clubs we would recommend. However, we would love to read some of your comments and suggestions.

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