What Should Women Wear To Golf? A Complete Guide!

New to the world of golfing and wondering what women wear on the golf course? We have your back – In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about female golf attire and what women should wear to golf!

Wondering what women should wear to golf? Female golfers wear mid-to-knee length skirts, shorts, skorts, or pants, along with collared shirts and golf shoes. You can also wear accessories such as polarized sunglasses and golf hats. Let’s take a detailed look at what women should wear to golf…

When you are playing golf at a local, muni or public golf course, often they have relaxed dress codes. In this case, you can wear athletic shirts along with your favorite jeans and have a fun game with friends. However, at most golf courses, especially semi-private, private, or resort golf courses, you need to wear acceptable golf course attire. 

Typically, the higher the price of the green fee, the stricter will be the rules pertaining to the female golf attire. The local muni course in your home town will have a few restrictions while Pebble Beach will have a stringent dress code in place. 

The dress codes, standards, and requirements vary from place to place. In this article, we will tell you all about female golf attire that not only complies with the standards of golf courses but is also chic and comfortable!

Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Tops

When it comes to dressing up for golfing, the first thing you need to keep in mind is your comfort. Wear a shirt that will allow you to move your body and will not hinder your performance. Most golf clubs and courses require females to wear collared long-sleeve or short-sleeve shirts when they are out golfing. 

As a general rule of thumb, the golf tops need to have a collar. You can never go wrong with a polo shirt. Polo shirts come in a wide array of designs, colors, and styles, and you can select the one that suits your fancy! Here are a few popular tops that ladies wear while golfing…

  • Shirts with Johnny Collars

Golf shirts usually have a pointed collar, fitting close to your neck. This kind of collar is called a Johnny collar. When you lay it flat, it has a split in the front that looks like a button down top with a V-neck. 

You can easily pair this shirt with any kind of golf bottoms to rock a minimalist look.

  • Shirts with Peter Pan Collars

You can wear shirts with a peter-pan collar. Even though this collar is commonly found on formal shirts and blouses, it is perfectly suitable for sports. The Peter Pan collar has round edges. Moreover, it lies flat around your neck, thus adding a subtle feminine touch to the polo shirt.

  • Turtlenecks

Other than polo shirts, you can also wear turtleneck tops made from breathable fabrics. They are also moisture-wicking in nature and come with a piece of fabric underneath the chin that you can turn down or scrunch up, depending on what the weather conditions are like. 

There are mock turtlenecks as well and they have a shorter neckline as compared to the standard turtlenecks. Turtlenecks are a great alternative to the standard collared shirts.

What Not to Wear: Halters, tank tops, and graphic t-shirts are not usually acceptable to wear golfing.

2. Sweaters & Jackets

When it comes to jackets and sweaters, what you wear to your office as part of official business attire would do. On a cool day, you wear a somber, elegant sweater over a polo shirt or turtleneck. For additional coverage, you can wear a wind shirt, button-down shirt, or a light jacket. 

What Not to Wear: Sweaters with hoods, embellishments, etc. are not acceptable golf attire. Refrain from wearing denim jackets. 

3. Bottoms

In fall or early spring, women usually wear slacks. As far as the bottoms are concerned, you can go with long trousers or slacks regardless of the weather, since they are comfortable. You can also wear shorter pants, like cropped trousers and capris. They are perfect for warmer days.

  • Golf Skort

Skort – a combo of shorts and skirt – is a very popular fashion choice for women when they are golfing. They are not only comfortable to wear but they are far more breathable than golf trousers. Therefore, they are ideal for hot, scorching summers. 

However, the golf skort needs to be of proper length. When you stand upright, the skort should pass your fingertips – this being the acceptable length for most golf clubs and courses. 

What Not to Wear: Don’t wear cargo shorts or anything made out of denim. Sweats and athletic pants are also improper.

4. Golf Dresses

Looking for a more fashionable alternative to the traditional pants and polo shirt combo? Go in a stylish golf dress! They are available in a variety of styles and colors and feature soft, breathable fabric. 

They also have a streamlined silhouette that allows easy movement when you are golfing. Golf dresses come with pockets as well which makes it very easy to carry a couple of golf balls along. 

You can wear spandex golf shorts underneath the dress and be good to go for a fun day of golfing with family and friends! 

5. Footwear

Comfort, comfort, and some more comfort. That is what you should look for when considering the appropriate footwear for golfing. Buy golf shoes with soft, non-metal spikes. They not only look the part but also give a firm footing as you take a swing. 

Casual golf clubs and courses will let you wear running shoes as well. Golf-specific shoes are not a requirement at most golf courses. You can go in sneakers, tennis shoes, walking shoes, etc. 

However, it is better to go with golf shoes as they will give you traction on the golf course. 

  • Cleated or Spiked Shoes

Cleated shoes come with spikes on their sole. They provide better traction and stability as you swing golf clubs. They also offer comfort, water resistance, and breathability. Go for shoes with soft, non-metal spikes so that you don’t damage the course.

  • Spikeless

Spikeless shoes are a better, lightweight, and comfortable alternative. They have rubber studs or come with dimpled soles for traction and stability in the grass. They are perfect for walking on firm surfaces as well, like the 19th hole & the driving range.

  • Boots

Other than spikeless and cleated shoes, you can also go with golf boots. They are similar to hiking boots and offer water protection with even better traction. They are perfect for winters. The only disadvantage is that they are slightly heavy and are a bit heavy on the pocket as well.

  • Golf Socks

For socks, go with ones that will absorb moisture and will give you the utmost confidence throughout the day. Ideally, select a pair that goes well with your golf dress, skort, shorts, or pants. Ensure that they are low or do not show up to get the stamp of approval from the golf club. 

As a rule, pair skorts, golf dresses, or shorter pants with no-show or low socks, and wear crew socks with long pants.

What Shoes Not to Wear: Avoid flip flops, sandals, shoes with heels, and uncomfortable shoes (you will be walking a lot).

6. Hats

To keep the sun out of your eyes and to protect your skin, you can wear a golf hat. With a wide array of colors, fabrics, and styles, choosing a perfect golf hat will be a lot of fun. Moreover, headgear reduces the glare in your eyes. You can go with the following types of hats:

  • Baseball Caps

The traditional look for golfers is the baseball-style cap. Most of the players in the PGA Tour wear this kind of hat commonly. Make sure that you are wearing it properly – never wear it backwards. 

  • Visors

These are certainly a stylish alternative to baseball hats. Even though visors are fashionable and they don’t ruin your hairstyle, they are not as great at blocking the sun out. 

  • Bucket Hats

You can also wear bucket hats on most golf courses. They protect your neck and ears as well and are great for all-around sun protection.

7. Accessories

  • Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not necessary when you are out golfing. However, it is better if you wear them as they protect your eyes & reduce the glare from the sun. Polarized sunglasses will help you have a nice, comfortable golf session – just make sure that the glasses match your style. 

  • Watches

You can also wear a watch on a golf course. Go for a watch that is waterproof since you will be sweating out there on the course! A GPS watch is a good idea as it is not only stylish but practical as well. Modern watches come with amazing options such as showing the golf maps, calculating varying metrics like your speed, performance, etc. 

What NOT to Wear

If you don’t match their dress code, many golf clubs will not let you pass even the first tee box. The issue with showing up for golfing wearing the incorrect golf course attire is that you will have to buy new clothes right from the golf shop, which can be expensive and not your style. 

There are vast differences in acceptable golf attire codes that differ from club to club. It’s always best to call the course ahead of time if you are unsure. However, there are some universal ladies’ golf clothing rules you can always keep in mind:

  • Bottoms

Leggings, jeans, cargo shorts, mini skirts, and mini shorts are usually not allowed. Pants that are too long or have holes, cuffs, pleats, etc. are also deemed improper for some private courses and country clubs. 

  • Tops

Females are expected to stay away from tank tops, t-shirts, tube tops, halter tops, or any kind of shirt that displays cleavage. On cold days, hoodies, denim jackets, etc. are not suitable. Your tops need to be of the appropriate size and should fit you well. Moreover, the shirt usually needs to be tucked in properly to give you an overall neat and professional look.

  • Footwear

Some golf courses have strict ladies’ golf clothing rules about wearing no shoes other than golf shoes while others will allow you to wear any shoes that give sufficient traction or grip. What you shouldn’t wear are street shoes, sandals, or flip flops. 

  • Accessories

Now that you have put together a perfect outfit, don’t ruin it by crossing the line with too many accessories. There are no hard and fast regulations for accessories but it is better to go with simple jewelry instead of wearing loads of bracelets, rings, long earrings, etc. 

Image Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/selanee-henderon-golfer-golfing-3512711/

Can I wear Leggings for Golf?

As we mentioned above, it is usually inappropriate to wear leggings to high-end golf courses. You can wear them along with shorts and skirts if the weather is cold, but wearing leggings alone is usually not acceptable. As mentioned above, some courses will have more relaxed dress codes so it is always best to call ahead and ask before you show up. 

What to Wear Golfing If You Don’t Have Golf Clothes?

If you don’t have golf clothes, don’t worry. You surely already have something you can wear. Open your cupboard and think of what you would wear to work or school. Look for comfortable capris, long pants, shorts, or a long skirt.

Take out a stretchy shirt with a collar with sleeves or no sleeves, depending on the weather. If you have a stretchy, comfortable dress that you can move in easily, you can wear that for golfing. If it’s cold, wear some leggings underneath it. 

No one is going to notice if you are wearing cross-trainers or your favorite pair of Skechers. If you don’t have golf shoes, wear a nice pair of tennis shoes that will give you enough traction and stability. Don a pair of sunglasses, put on a baseball cap, and you are good to go!

What Should Women Wear to Golf? – Final Word

Who doesn’t love to spend a nice day out golfing with family and friends? Many of us don’t know how to dress properly when going out golfing for the first time. Wear a shirt with a proper collar, appropriate bottoms, a comfortable pair of golf shoes, and you will be all ready.

Follow the guidelines discussed above to not only look amazing during your next round but do so while following the ladies’ golf clothing rules!

Happy Golfing, Folks!

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